Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Janan Harb's embarrassment to King Fahd

Janan Harb, who claims to be the wife of King Fahd, is suing for maintenance.

The court of appeal has held that the King's argument of sovereign immunity must be held in an open court.

Janan George Harb vs His Majesty King Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz

This line in the judgment is interesting:

Clearly Mrs Harb was seen as a potential source of embarrassment. That is well illustrated by the fact that on the 1st March 2001 an undisclosed principal (in reality the King) had paid Mrs Harb a very substantial sum for entering into a binding deed of confidentiality covering all aspects of her past relationship with the King.

I wonder why she was seen as an embarrassment.

A quick google for 'Janan Harb' reveals that one Janan Harb is a Scientologist.

2004 list of members:
Scientology : members of the IAS

and has been for a while:

Impact Magazine Honour Role for 1993 (Impact magazine is an official Scientologist publication, so far as I know).

Now, I have no way of knowing if this is indeed the same Janan Harb. But I would imagine that it could be very embarrassing for the defender of the Holy Places of Islam if his wife had converted away from Islam (apostasy) to become a Scientologist. If, of course, that is in fact what happened, of which I have no way of knowing.


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