Friday, June 09, 2006

Made-up illness #211565154

Anger disorder is common in US population - New Scientist

More than 7% of people in the US have experienced "intermittent explosive disorder" (IED) at some point in their lives, says Ronald Kessler of the Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts, US, who led the study.

This means they will respond to certain situations with inappropriate levels of anger, for example resulting in road rage or irrational, violent acts such as throwing a television out of a window during an argument with a spouse or parent.

Now that having a short temper is a medical condition - treatable by doping oneself up to the eyeballs, naturally - what comes next? Intermittent unconsciousness syndrome?


Anonymous L K Tucker said...

IED happens around the world. It appears as Culture Bound Syndromes, Amok in Malaysia, and Going Postal in the United States.

Understanding the cause is more complex. The trail starts in the 1960's when designers of office furniture accidentally discovered a 'conflict of the physiology of sight' related to the vision startle reflex. The problem caused mental breaks for workers using the first prototypes of close-spaced office workstations. The designers and psychologists making the discovery did not understand what they had found and did not give the problem a name. It is called Subliminal Distraction outside the United States.

Too-small single-room ethnic housing in primitive locations, like those 1960's offices, creates a possibility for exposure. CBS's are the result of that accidental exposure.

Today you can be exposed almost anywhere but home and small office computer workstations are a likely source. No one hires an engineer to design these workstations. Rarely someone accidentally places a computer in a location with repeating detectable movement in peripheral vision.

The Redlake school shooter left a journal entry that disclosed what he did to cause exposure.

VisionAndPsychosis.Net is a private psychology research project attempting to gather evidence about the problem.

4/12/06 18:17  
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